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Foot Posture Issues

These may be used to help treat a variety of conditions linked to foot posture.

Plantar Fasciitis

This can be very painful and occurs as a result of damage often as a result of over stretching of the ligament connecting the heel with the base of the toes, orthotics help restore a normal arch and reduce stretching.

Over Pronation

Pronation is the “rolling inwards” movement of the foot that occurs naturally when walking. Ideally, when you walk you strike the ground with the outside of the foot, and then roll inwards to progress over and push off the big toe. This movement is a normal part of the gait cycle and is required for shock absorption.

Over pronation, however, refers to the foot rolling inwards too much, which can cause other structures in the leg, such as the shin muscles and knee, to become strained or overused. Orthotics can help restore normal posture.

Flat Feet

Otherwise know as a fallen arch-If this does not give rise to discomfort then its probably best left, however if it is symptomatic and possible associated with other conditions like over pronation orthotics may be of benefit.

Types of Orthotic

Orthotics may be flexible, non-flexible, light or heavy in composition.