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The Vision & Chiropody Practice

This practice is equipped with some of the most modern hi-tech equipment currently available, Our latest acquisition is a Heidelberg optical coherence tomographer (O.C.T.) This amazing machine is generally regarded as the most reliable means of early detection of many retinal conditions such as glaucoma and wet macular degeneration. We also have a digital retinal camera for fundus photography, Humphrey visual field screener, which is useful for assessing early changes in the visual field, a bio microscopy for corneal problems and retinal examination. Finally have a pachimeter for measuring corneal thickness ,useful as an aid to diagnosing glaucoma and assessing corneal health in contact lens work and a keratometer for assessing corneal curvature.

My own practice is to use a trial frame to place lenses in, rather than a large refractor head for vision testing - I have both, but I have found with experience that the old fashioned method frequently gives a more accurate result as, amongst other things, it enables me to study facial expression and body language- very important when neither you nor the patient is sure whether it really is better or worse!