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Eye Care Plan

Private Eye Examination

Whilst I am happy to compete on spectacle prices I refuse to be drawn into discounted sight tests, these cannot be rushed and we book 40 minute appointment slots where the national average is half that time. There is a general rule that if something is too cheap to be true then it usually is.

Additional Charges may apply...

Eye examination charge : There is no fixed charge as patients needs differ, our standard young adult charge is £30.00. Depending what additional tests may be necessary, including optical coherence tomography , the price may rise to £ 50.00, maximum, whether included in a private examination or as an addition to a free N.H.S. Sight test.

Nu-see Eye Care Plan

For about £13 per month you receive unlimited full private examinations, digital photography, complete spectacles, either multi focal or separate distance and reading of your choice every two years with additional discount for spare pairs.

Monthly fee is based on your 2 yearly spectacle requirements divided by 24. In other words you always get back at least what you put in.


The cost of complete single vision spectacles, including lenses, varies from £30.00 for a basic pair to around £300.00 for high fashion. Because we have out of town overheads some of our best frames can be 30% less than our high street competitors.

We also offer interest free credit over a year or join the Nu-see Eye Plan for free eye tests and peace of mind.

Buy one get one free? or two cheap items for the price of one cheap item.

We do things differently

Choose spectacles from any price range and all additional complete pairs including sunglasses are half price for a whole year !

Complete single vision spectacles now available from £ 30.00