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Posted 14/11/2017 20:20:36

We specialize in high fashion and we stock a large variety of well known designer labels. Because we are independent, we are able to search around for the best brands without being tied down to a particular supplier. Many of the frames in our collection we import directly from the main European fashion houses, so that they are not generally available in the UK and you can be sure of a unique look.

Spectacle Fashion for 2018

Like cars, the best in spectacle quality and looks are designed in France, Germany and Italy with the French being the most adventurous, German for solid reliability and Italian for bling. The Japanese are strong in serious business - like titanium frames for men.

Round eyes are still out- you remember the Harry potter style metal frames about five years ago, well you can’t give them away now.
Geek chic is very in at the moment, with large heavy dark plastic frames. These really have to carry a well displayed designer label or else they become all geek with no chic.

All metal spectacles are in abundance, for both men and women with minimalist designs for men with very thin light weight rims and sides.
For women, fashion has much more to offer, with new technology enabling intricate laser cut designs on light weight deep but thin spectacle sides. Bright pastel colours are still in with lavender's, dusky pinks and deep reds particularly striking.

Acetate (plastic) frames are beginning to come back with bright colours and deep sides. The main designer labels we currently stock are Guess, Caroline Herrera, Yves Coogan, Caterpillar, Radley,O.W.P., Vanni, Yves Saint Laurent, Minima, Silhouette and Flair .